Friday, June 14, 2013

Second Review of Magical Mea

5.0 out of 5 stars Fun, Magic and Siblings, Come Meet Matthew and Mea, May 31, 2013
This review is from: Magical Mea (Paperback)
"Magical Mea" is the second book in The Magical Series, written by the award winning author, Penelope Anne Cole. Mea is Magical Matthew's sister, but similarities between the two end pretty much there. Mea and her brother have very different ideas about why, when, and how magic should be preformed.

Matthew and his friend Lily go in search of his little sister Mea for fear of what trouble she may get herself into next. Mea is unconcerned about her brother and is intent on causing a little mischief, just for the fun of it. She takes a bus ride, plays in the park, pulls a prank on some boys, and a mom and her baby; all the while, Matthew and Lily are on her trail trying to catch up with her before she does something drastic.

Matthew has always used his magic for good, but Mea has other ideas. She finds delight in stumping others with her trickery. In the end Mea finds the true joy in helping others. She realizes the only reward she needs for her magic is how people are helped by her instinctive talents. This second book in The Magical Series has life lessons for children. It's a fun read, empowering for kids, and will without a doubt hold a child's interest.

Kevin Collier has brought the book to life with his vivid and attractive illustrations that are sure to delight any young reader. I give Magical Mea five stars *****and a lollipop!

This book has been reviewed by Susan Hornbach, author of children's literature

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