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Book Review by Mary Esparza-Vela

Magical Mea is a charming story--the second in the "Magical Series" by Penelope Anne Cole. Like her big brother, Matthew, Mea also has the unique ability to fix things that are broken simply by staring at them; however, Mea does not want to use her powers wisely. She seems to enjoy hiding things and playing pranks on others. At the end of the story Mea learns that it is better to do good than bad.

Book Review by GAP Author Mary Esparza-Vela
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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

New Reviews of Magical Mea

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Magical Mea is a great book for those who have siblings. Sibling rivalry is always going on even when one is trying to help the other. This book is a good read especially for teaching children about listening to others and being careful in everything they do. Children also learn the lesson that playing tricks isn't always fun for everyone. Share it with your children or your classroom.
Reviewed by:
Susan Bangert-Wood

Magical Mea Review by Barbara Cairns, June 14, 2013
Barbara Cairns "CRACKER COW Lady" (Florida) -This delightful picture book by Penelope Anne Cole is so typical of a little sister wanting to show her big brother that she can do things her own way... even if it's not the best way. Determined to play pranks on all her family members, little Mea extends her "magic" outside of the home and is amused by the reactions she gets from strangers. Until she ends up following a stranger onto a bus...

This clever little story can aid parents in pointing out that mischievous actions bring consequences and that accepting anything from strangers can be dangerous. Luckily, in Penelope's book,little Mea meets up with a kind lady,so there is a happy ending for young readers. Mea quickly learns that using "magic" to help others is much better than tricking them.

Penelope uses simple language to entice younger readers while Kevin Collier's illustration of Mea with her big twinkly eyes helps to show her innocence. This is a book that will not only be useful to parents as a teaching tool but also fun for mischievous youngsters who will see themselves in Mea.

Just as Magical Matthew, the first book in this series, delighted youngsters, so too will they enjoy Matthew's little sister Mea and her "magical" ways.

Barbara Cairns, Author of Gatsby's Grand Adventures series

Friday, July 5, 2013

Guardian Angel Publishing June 2013 Releases

Kangaroo Clues
Academic Wings
by Margot Finke, illustrated by Mustafa Delioglu
Land of Lost Socks:  a children’s historical musical
Angelic Harmony
by Jane Tesh and Jonie Klein-Higger
Scriptures for Kids hardcover and softcover
Wings of Faith
by Barbara Arbo, illustrated by Melissa Ross

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GAP KIDS eZine July 2013 "Ice Cream"

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JULY 2013
"Ice Cream"

Book Feature
by Susan J. Berger
artist Kim Sponaugle

Ice Cream by Lisa Hart
It Never Stops by Jacklyn Yuhanick
An Ice Cream Smile by Felicity Nisbet
The Presidential Sweet by Catherine May Webb
Ten Tips on Treats by Shari L Klase
Make Your Own Ice Cream Delights! by Jennifer A. Buchet
Ice Cream Trivia by Juliana M. Jones

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